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"Brother-in-law Joe got this 143 inch 12-pointer out of the Shadow Hunter Blind in Sand Coulee Saturday afternoon. He was able to hunt all day because the blind did its job to break the wind while allowing you to see and shoot when required. We are very satisfied with the product and of course the great Blind Guys who installed them where we wanted them, perfectly." - Tim A.

"My Dad totally loves his new blind. He didn’t make it over until the last weekend of bow season and it was a total surprise to him.  He somehow managed to miss the same flock of turkeys twice with his crossbow during that sit.  He hunted this past weekend and he and my nephew doubled on does from it this weekend. My brother sat it one night during bow season and shot a turkey.  I think we’re going to record our kills on the inside wall of the blind with a sharpie.  Pretty awesome stand."   - Brian K. 

This is what people are saying about Two Blind Guys ...

"The blind could not be working any better. I started watching my foodplot shortly after you erected the blind in August. I have spotted 10 different bucks before rifle season started, and another new one Sunday. I have not taken any yet and am content to watch them so far. It's such a pleasure to be warm and dry and comfortable while watching deer and 'coyote hunting' at the same time. I have put a propane heater in there, and a comfortable chair. It's not much different from sitting in my living room!  I may not take a deer at all. My neighbor, who also has a shadow hunter, took a 13 point on Saturday.  Good hunting." - James D.

"I spent an entire windy and cold day in one - was as comfortable as my house!" - Kevin W.

"You guys do service like it should be.  For those considering who to buy from, consider that Chris and Wyatt came out to fix a minor problem with the steps they pre-assembled for me.  Even better, from the pictures of the set up I sent, they saw an improvement they could make to the porch.  When I say came out, that is an hour + drive to my land, with the lumber and tools they needed followed by them walking in and doing all the work!  If ever have need of another blind, I will buy from them again even if it is driving the 3+ hours from home, instead of the 1+ from my land, to get it."  -George H.

"My stationary blind from Two Blind Guys worked so well I decided to go mobile with a second for the spring turkey season!  Anyone that has ever hunted with a 10 year-old knows the value of a comfortable blind.  These blinds are awesome!" - Brent L.


"Thanks for the help...This thing is the best stand I have ever seen. Most definitely QUALITY BUILT to last a long long time. It is big enough to be called a deer shack. Thanks for everything." - Larry D.

6x8 Custom Shadow Hunter Blind

Long time Buffalo County hunter, John Rud, took his best buck to date while hunting in a 6x6 Octagon Crossbow Shadow Hunter blind just 10 days after TBG helped him set it up!  John won his blind at a Wounded Warrior Project benefit that was partially sponsored by TBG!  

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