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Land Management Services


A 3-point rotary tiller attached to a 65 hp tractor allows us to tackle the toughest conditions.  A properly prepared seedbed is critical for seed germination and there is no attachment better than a rotary tiller. The tractor and tiller are large enough to do several acres, but small enough to do those secluded interior food plots for an all-day hunt in the middle of the woods! Check out our short tilling video on YouTube.  $150/hr.


Our tractor and 3-point super seeder have the ability to handle primary seeding and over-seeding.  It is the perfect seeder for anything from clover and brassicas to grasses and soy beans.  Our super-seeder can plant two seed types at two different depths and firms the seed bed with a cast iron cultipacker to ensure the perfect seed-to-soil contact.  See our super seeder in action on our YouTube channel.  For row crops, such as corn and soy beans, we use a pull-behind two-row planter.  $150/hr plus materials.

Other Services Include...Fertilizing, Trail Clearing, Mowing, and Spraying.
Contact Two Blind Guys for more information.

*Above prices to not include travel charges

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